Stammbaum Nostradamus

Moody Coons Silver Lining
Raven of Cats Cradle  
Eur. Ch. King of Lions G-Kir Royal
Ch. Thundercats Good Vibration
Gr. Int. Ch. Temptation's Katt Junior
Dynamicats Iron Maiden
Witchcats Kitty Dream 
US Ch. Kittyup's Geronimo
St. Johns Katie
King of Lion's A-Malyka
CH  King of Lion's B-Akinorr
Ch. Sweet Soft & Lazy's Baghira
Lady Amarena of Plenty Lakes
Langsteich's O'Maxime 
Int. Ch. Guldfakse's Ottawa
Hot-Maylove's Amanda
Nevada of Cooncastle 
Ch. Nascat's Armageddon of Coon-Castle
US Gr. Ch./RW Stormwatch Dirtrack Demon of Nascat, DM
US Gr.Ch./RW McKittycreek Donalt
US Gr.Ch./GP Coonsboro Typhoon of Stormwatch
US Gr. Ch. Coonoquan Daytona 500 of Nascat
US Gr.Ch. Avicats Versage of Coonoquan
US Ch. Coonoquan's Autumn Rain
Ch. Super Star's Vanety
US Ch./Gr. Ch. Int. Almajoy's Yo Stallone  
US Gr.Ch. Arkatz Ted  E Katt
Ch. Cooncreole Blue Belle
Ch. Int. Coontach Cassandra<CCA>
Ch. Ruathaholds Finn
CH. Ruathahold Lady Lidora
Atlantacat's Miss Moneypenny
CH Atlantacat's Haywood
Gentle Favourit's Future Boy
EU. CH.  Langstteich's L'Pavaro
GH Twilightzone's Lillith  
Capecoon's Perdita  
Langstteich's C.Calamity-Jane 
CH Langstteich'sValvin  
Pillowtalk's Cosima   
CH. Langstteich's Ca'Designer
CH.  Langstteich's Calvin
Coonyham Wilbur
Capecoon's Cinderella 
CH Twilightzone's Lillith
EU CH.  Novacoon's Jerry-of-Superstar
Langstteich's Mi-Laika  
Gentle Paws Flowerpower of Atlantacats
Fiftystars Lucky Strike
CH Hot Maylove's Dakota  
EU CH Okyma v. Langstteich
 CH Tara'sKissimmee      
 U.S.CH, CH Willowplace Only You of Fiftystars
 U.S. SGC Masaitana Haut Brion of Willowplace 
 Willowplace Raven van Pelt 
CH. Belushies Unique
 Kumskaka Many Waters
 Northstar Still Waters of Kumskaka 
 U.S. CH. Kumskaka Scripture Paige
 CH Willowplace Timbatou
U.S. SGC Masaitana Haut Brion of Willowplace 
 Willowplace Showboat
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